SWXS: The Path to Paradise
The video backdrop here is a rough cut of my short film of a road trip across the American Southwest.
Professor of Computing
Kenny is full professor at Edinburgh Napier University in the Institute of Informatics and Digital Innovation
Research Head
Kenny is Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research Edinburgh, The Walt Disney Company Ltd

Flick the ball around the maze to find and hit the radiation source. Try to get the fastest time in the fewest number of touches, without hitting the walls. Like a particle bouncing around the CERN accelerator, try to find the elusive Higgs boson particle.

This is the first demonstration of real-time global illumination on a mobile. The iPad, iPhone, iPod application performs the advanced lighting technique called Modular Radiance Transfer. It shows that dynamic indirect global illumination can be calculated in real-time on low powered devices for use in games. A selection of application modes are provided to illustrate the technology.

Further example levels may be selected from this list and a number of additional technical controls and sliders can be accessed through the toolbar buttons. For further information on this technique, please see the primary reference below and related publications.

iPhone/iPod Touch Screenshots

iPad Screenshots

Links: Modular Radiance Transfer Paper, Video  Out now!