SWXS: The Path to Paradise
The video backdrop here is a rough cut of my short film of a road trip across the American Southwest.
Professor of Computing
Kenny is full professor at Edinburgh Napier University in the Institute of Informatics and Digital Innovation
Research Head
Kenny is Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research Edinburgh, The Walt Disney Company Ltd

Skye Wars Title Shot

Skye Wars Icon  ...Year 3141 ...PI Solar System ...Elliptic Orbit 59

  ...An unknown invasion force has entered the Solar system, home of the Human Conglomerate.

 Powered by hyper-drives engines, these battleships can break through space and attack undefended locations at any time. Their goal remains unknown.

 The HC has launched a program called Project Skye: a defense unit, capable of intercepting enemy incursions over short distances. The invaders may appear anywhere. Can the project Skye save humanity?


Project SKYE merges an advanced tracking system with augmented reality launched to enhance the SKYE experience at Siggraph 2013 Computer Animation Festival.

Point your camera at the moon (or any other single colored object) and witness an epic battle to defend the humanity!!!

Shoot the enemy star ships with the Skye laser and see who can get the highest score. But watch out for friendly fire!

Augmented Reality Technology App showcasing the Pervasive Game Platform for the Future Internet - Content project:


Project Skye by ETHZ and DRZ

Mobile Application (DRZ):
Programmers - Kenny Mitchell, Chino Noris, Mattia Ryffel
Artists - Malgorzata Kosek, Alessia Marra, Maurizio Nitti
Sound - freesound.org CosmicD, Goac0re1, Harpoyume, Jonccox, Rdholder, Sirplus, Sonicfreak, Suonho
Thanks: Jason Gray, Kartic Subr, Bob Sumner

Skye Blimp:
Paul Beardsley (DRZ), Simon Laube (ETHZ), Daniel Meier (ETHZ), Lukas Gasser (ETHZ), Andreas Schaffner (ETHZ)


iPhone/iPod Touch Screenshots

iPad Screenshots

Street light defender

Links: Project Skye, Pervasive Game PlatformFree on AppStore Out now!