SWXS: The Path to Paradise
The video backdrop here is a rough cut of my short film of a road trip across the American Southwest.
Professor of Computing
Kenny is full professor at Edinburgh Napier University in the Institute of Informatics and Digital Innovation
Research Head
Kenny is Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research Edinburgh, The Walt Disney Company Ltd


Authors: Huw Bowles, Kenny Mitchell, Robert W. Sumner, Jeremy Moore, Markus Gross


We exploit frame-to-frame coherence in animated sequences by transferring rendering results from a reference image to nearby viewpoints in space and time using a novel image warping algorithm based on fixed point iteration. By analyzing the behavior modalities of the iteration we establish a framework in which to define heuristics for providing the necessary guidance to the iteration. Additionally we derive local convergence criteria and use it to inform a new robust image warping algorithm. The resulting warping algorithms represent a unified reprojection kernel that we use to generate multiple effects including fast stereoscopic 3D, 30-to-60Hz post conversion, defocus blur and motion blur.


Authors Paper Copy


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