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Method and System for Visually Seamless Grafting of Volumetric Data 
US-20240005605-A1 Jan 2024
K. J. Mitchell
Synchronous Patterned Motion Avatars 
GGB2307952.8 May 2023
K. J. Mitchell
Method of Content generation from sparse point datasets 
WO2023222923A1 GB2307631.8 (PCT/EP2023/063668) May 2022
K. J. Mitchell
Real Time Feature Preserving rendering of visual effects on an image of a face 
US20210375029 Dec 2021
K. J. Mitchell, L. C. Cambra, Y. Li
Systems and Methods for Illuminating Physical Space with Shadows of Virtual Objects  
US20210374982 Dec 2021
K. J. Mitchell, J. Hager, Z. Velinov
Augmenting a physical object with virtual components 
US11024098B1 June 2021
K. J. Mitchell, Y. Pan, C. Drake, R. E. Rodgers, J. G. Hager, K. P. McIntosh
Machine learning for animatronic development and optimization 
US20210110001A1 May 2021
K. J. Mitchell, J Castellon, M McCrory, J Stolarz, A Ayala
Introducing real-time lighting effects to illuminate real-world physical objects in see-through augmented reality displays 
US20210097757A1 April 2021
K. J. Mitchell, J Yeung, T Panec, E Baumbach, C Drake
Animation Streaming for Media Interaction 
US20200334886 Oct 2020
K. J. Mitchell
Gaze Based Rendering for Audience Engagement 
US20200294264 Sept 2020
K. J. Mitchell, Y. Pan
Intermediated Reality - Augmented Reality Methods and Systems 
WO2020165599 Aug 2020
K. J. Mitchell, L. C. Cambra
Systems and Methods for Modifying Labeled Content 
US20200250457 Aug 2020
K. Mitchell, C. Brito
Dense reconstruction for narrow baseline motion observations 
US20200105056 Apr 2020
K. Mitchell, F. Dümbgen, S. Liu
Memory allocation for seamless media content presentation 
US10482570B2 Nov 2019
K. Mitchell, C. Koniaris, F. Chitalu
Noise reduction on g-buffers for Monte Carlo filtering 
US20190340806A1 Nov 2019
Mitchell Guitain Moon McDonagh
Depth codec for real-time light field reconstruction 
US20190313080 Oct 2019
Mitchell Koniaris Kosek Sinclair
Single shot capture to animated vr avatar 
US20190279411A1 Sep 2019
Mitchell Malleson Casado Klaudiny Kosek
Visualisation and navigation of transmedia content data 
US10229215B2 Mar 2019
K. Mitchell et al.
Augmented reality device with predefined object data 
US10217289B2 Feb 2019
K. Mitchell and R. Sumner
Markerless face tracking with synthetic priors 
US10147023B1 Dec 2018
Mitchell Klaudiny McDonagh Bradley et al
Real-time rendering with compressed animated light fields 
US20180322691A1 Nov 2018
Mitchell Koniaris Kosek Sinclair
Augmented reality surface painting 
US10068547B2 Sep 2018
K. Mitchell, B. Leake, D. Sobeski
Latency-aware rendering of a focal area of an animation 
USUS10042421B2 Aug 2018
K. Mitchell, D. Cosker, N. Swafford
Presenting views of a virtual space 
US9996949B2 Jun 2018
Mitchell Koniaris Guitian Moon Smolikowski
Output light monitoring for enhanced control of a display system 
US9967529B2 May 2018
Mitchell Cosker Swafford Reichow Holton Park
Adaptive polynomial rendering 
US9959664B2 May 2018
K. Mitchell, B. Moon, S. McDonagh, M. Gross
Deep-learning motion priors for full-body performance capture in real-time 
US20180096259A1 Apr 2018
K. Mitchell, S. Andrews, I. Casado, L. Sigal
Bandwidth sensitive rendering of focal area of animation 
US20180061084A1 Mar 2018
Mitchell Cosker Swafford
Gaze predictive rendering of a focal area of an animation 
US20180061116A1 Mar 2018
Mitchell Andrews Cosker Swafford
Mobile teleimmersive gameplay 
US9898872B2 Feb 2018
Kenneth John Mitchell
Adaptive rendering with linear predictions 
US9892549B2 Feb 2018
Mitchell Moon Guitain
Example based editing of virtual terrain maps 
US9805496B2 Oct 2017
K. Mitchell, G. Bradbury, T. Weyrich
Combining sampling arrangements for stochastic integration in rendering 
US9741153B2 Aug 2017
Subr Jarosz Nowrouzezahrai Mitchell
Augmented reality simulation continuum 
US9741145B2 Aug 2017
K. Mitchell, R. Hostettler, S. Coros, R. Sumner
Augmented reality image transformation 
US9652895B2 May 2017
K. Mitchell, R. Sumner et al.
Arranging scenes of animated content to stimulate three-dimensionality 
US20170103562A1 Apr 2017
K. Mitchell
Visibility silhouettes for masked spherical integration 
US9501862B2 Nov 2016
D. Nowrouzezahrai, I. Baran, W. Jarosz, K. Mitchell
Optical illumination mapping 
US9418629B2 Aug 2016
K. Mitchell, D. Calian
Light communication between user devices and physical objects 
US9370714B2 Jun 2016
K. Mitchell, S. Mangold, G. Corbellini
Simulation and skinning of heterogeneous texture detail deformation 
US9959662B2 May 2016
K. Mitchell, C. Koniaris, D. Cosker
Content aware texture mapping on deformable surfaces 
US9317952B2 Apr 2016
Mitchell Koniaris Cosker Yang Matthews
Virtual scene generation based on imagery 
US9262853B2 Feb 2016
K. Mitchell, G. Bradbury, T. Weyrich
Interactive three dimensional displays on handheld devices 
US9208618B2 Dec 2015
K. Mitchell
Virtual lens-rendering for augmented reality lens 
US9164723B2 Oct 2015
K. Mitchell et al.
Optimized stereoscopic camera for real-time applications 
US8885021B2 Nov 2014
Mitchell Oskam Hornung Bowles Gross
AR audio with position and action triggered virtual sound effects 
US8831255B2 Sep 2014
Mitchell Samdahl Kadar Crawford Voris
Iterative reprojection of images 
US8624891B2 Jan 2014
Mitchell Bowles Sumner Jarosz Gross
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